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Nonlinear Thinking

As we move from software to systems of software, relational complexity increases. Learn to move from software to systems thinking.

Writing as Thinking

Writing practice cultivates conceptual integrity, the most important consideration in systems design and technology leadership.

Systems Architecture

Architecture is the art and science of designing relationships between software parts and the patterns that govern them.

Current Courses

Writing as Thinking (and Learning and Leading)

As technologists, we craft knowledge. Constructing something whole and actionable from abstract ideas requires conceptual integrity. Unfortunately, we are truly terrible at creating or maintaining conceptual integrity … unless we are supported by practices. Fortunately, writing is the practice of crafting conceptual integrity.

Nonlinear Thinking

Linear thinking helps us deliver software. As relational complexity increases, we need to think (and act) nonlinearly. Nonlinear thinking (aka systems or pattern thinking) helps us make decisions in the midst of uncertainty. This course explores practices and skills that cultivate and maintain conceptual integrity. Which is, according to Fred Brooks, “the most important consideration in systems design.”

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